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Dancing Sunny Stalk

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Limited edition 30

28 cm  x  11 cm x 11 cm
11 Inch x 4,3 Inch  x 4,3 Inch

3D printed sculpture, wooden base, solar panels and electronics

The sculpture is equipped with a NFC-chip. The authenticity of it is guaranteed by the AUTRAQ-blockchain!

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The Dancing Sunny Stalk is a kinetic solar sculpture that wakes up in the morning. It slowly comes to life. During the day it is happy to dance and enjoys the sunlight and in the evening it goes to sleep again. Always keeping the ballance. This kinetic sculpture moves on renewable energy; Solar energy. It has integrated solar panels and a motor so that they move freely when it is light. It makes unpredictable movements so that you can watch them for a long time without getting bored. You can dream away with it. LET THE SUN SHINE IN The sculpture is an instrument that is played by the sun. When it moves, it is a kind of organism that makes you feel the rhythm of nature, the rhythm of the day and the rhythm of the seasons. The non-predictable movements are never boring and influence the atmosphere in a room like music can. Place the sculpture preferably in daylight, if that is not possible than in a halogen spotlight.

3 reviews for Dancing Sunny Stalk

  1. Vincent P (NL)

    beautifull, it’s great to have such a nice sculptutre on my desk

  2. Sarra Lee Jones (Canada)

    Great, the sculpture had a beautifull package and was a well rerceived present

  3. Sam Smith (USA)

    what a joy !!!! thanx

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